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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is RTX-300?
A : RTX-300 is a liquid stabilizer and soil strengthener, used to build durable, virtually weatherproof unpaved roads and exceptionally strong, long lasting bases for paved roads. RTX-300 is a unique blend of multi-purpose chemicals that, when properly applied, promotes a dense, chemically bonded compaction of the soil and a harder, water resistant base.
Q : Is RTX-300 as hard as concrete?
A : No.
Q : Will RTX-300 reduce the need for concrete?
A : If concrete has been selected or specified as the wear surface of the road, probably not. This is because concrete- as a wear surface- is usually applied a minimum of 6” (15cm) thick. A Concrete road is great but only if it has a strong base, because if and when it fails, it can become a nightmare, maintenance-wise. Also, please consider that concrete is expensive. By using RTX-300 to economically build a stronger base; less expensive wearing course materials may be used.
Q : Does RTX-300 replace asphalt?
A : No, but asphalt only provides a wearing course. Asphalt, when applied over weak, substandard or improperly stabilized bases, will require excessive and costly maintenance and fail prematurely. Asphalt applied over RTX-300 - constructed bases will last several times longer, will not pothole, crack or heave and will require virtually no maintenance. Additionally, roads stabilized with RTX-300 can be completed faster and at very predictable rates and will require a much thinner application of asphalt or other wearing course material.
To Recap
Concrete, asphalt and other wearing course materials are expensive and to be effective, need a strong supporting base. Road bases built with RTX-300 can provide superior support, quickly and at low cost, for wearing course surfaces and reduce the amount of wearing course material required.
Q : What about unpaved roads?

A : Although RTX-300 was originally designed to prove strong, durable roads bases that would be paved, it has proven to be equally, if not more, effective in the construction, repair and rehabilitation of unpaved roads. Throughout the world, the vast majority of roads connecting farms, villages and provinces are unpaved and for mostly economic reasons, will remain unpaved.

There are also areas where paved roads are not desirable, such as recreational parks, mining and oil field operations, game reserves and historical sites. These unpaved roads, left un-stabilized, are usually rough, dusty and can frequently become unsafe, and indeed, impassable in times of bad weather. RTX-300 offers a fast, economically feasible and proven solution to the problem of how to make these roads stronger, more durable, safer, smoother and less dusty. Treatment with RTX-300 can last for very long periods of time (years) with little or no maintenance.

Q : Does RTX-300 require special equipment?

A : No. All that is required are:

a) motor grader,
b) water truck
c) compactor.

Q : How does RTX-300 differ from other forms of soil stabilization?
A : RTX-300 is a liquid soil stabilizer. Soil cement, lime stabilization and others have been around for a long time and can be very effective but they have some drawbacks: they are more expensive compared to liquid stabilizers, more difficult and time-consuming to apply.
Q : Does RTX-300 work in all kinds of soil?
A : If RTX-300 will work in virtually all types and combinations of material. It does not work well with pure sand alone but usually soil, clay or other material, such as fly ash, can be added to pure sand and thus allow RTX-300 to work effectively.
Q : Other than road construction, what else is RTX-300 used for?

A : RTX-300 is used for:

• Strengthening foundations

• Constructing airport runways, parking lots, storage/lay down areas, etc

• Strengthening concrete

Q : How long does RTX-300 treatment last?
A : When used to construct bases for paved roads, the RTX-300 treatment is permanent. For unpaved roads, the treatment is permanent but naturally, the unpaved road surface will gradually be worn down by traffic.
Q : How much area will one drum of RTX-300 treat?
A : Usually, one drum of RTX-300 will treat about 4,000 square meters at a depth of 15 centimeters (Approximately 20 square meters per liter of concentrate).
Q : Does RTX-300 require any special handling?
A : No, RTX-300 is non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non- allergenic and non-flammable. It ships in the cheapest, non-regulated category. The only care that needs to be exercised is when adding the concentrate to the water tanker, safety goggles are recommended. The concentrate is sticky and while it will not damage the eye, a water-flush may be necessary to remove it.
Q : How long does traffic need to be kept off the RTX-300 treated surface?
A : Normally, traffic does not need to be interrupted at all.