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The inorganic solutions in RTX-300 Liquid Stabilizer & Soil Strengthener, when dissolved with polymeric cations, react to form a catalyst. The compounds contained in the formula form and bind organic and inorganic pigments of the soil in the sub-grade, base and commercial road base material, especially in limestone, iron ore, caliche, clay, sandstone, cement, re-cycled asphalt and seal coat. Through dehydration, the components develop a maximum impermeable adhesion.
It is important to note here that the chemicals contained in RTX-300 have more a bonding process than a chemical reaction such as found in sulfuric or chloride-based stabilizers, which are corrosive. In sulfuric acid –based stabilizers, the road materials are hardened by a chemical reaction or “crystallize”, only to break up, particularly in materials containing cement or calcium such found in caliche, shell or limestone. On the contrary, RTX-300 colloidal sols, formed through ion exchange –produce a gel formation which converts them from a liquid to a solid, forming a permanent, impermeable rigid bond, rendering it resistant to moisture as it fills in the voids- reduce the plasticity index and decrease surface tension as the cementation ultimately increases the soil’s bearing capacity.
The polymerization of RTX-300 becomes a solid film and when it hardens, disperses water. The components reach maximum viscosity and set into a stronger, inorganic bond that is not biodegradable. When properly applied, RTX-300 penetrates the surfaces to bind fine particles together, thereby bonding and strengthening the material primarily by two methods: (A) dehydration and (B) a chemical setting mechanism which forges the material to become tackier, more viscous and insoluble.

RTX-300 is environmentally safe and does not require any hazardous warning labels; it may be stored for extended periods of time in steel containers. It is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-allergenic and non-toxic. RTX-300 is composed of virgin raw materials and contains no recycled materials or by-products. It contains a corrosion inhibitor, rendering it 100% percent less corrosive than tap water, greatly aiding and protecting metal equipment.

RTX-300 may freeze at less that 30° F (0° C), but returns to identical characteristics after thawing, rolling the drums or agitation.Used as designed and directed, RTX-300 meets all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements and standards.