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Area to be treated should be smoothed out and lightly compacted. If there are any low spots, holes or bumps, it’s best to correct them before proceeding.

Filling The Water Tanker
Be sure the water tanker is at least partially full before adding any RTX-300 from the drum. Introducing RTX-300 concentrate to an empty tanker can cause the spray bar and valves to become stuck. (also, when taking RTX-300 from the drum, use of a hand-cranked transfer pump is not recommended.

Determine The Amount Of Product Needed

A) Multiply the area (length x width) by the depth of the area to be treated:

(L) ______Meters X (W) ________X (D) ______Meters = _________Cubic Meters.

B) Multiply the total number of cubic meters to be treated by 0.35 to obtain the amount of RTX-300 needed.

._________Cubic Meters X 0.35=____________Liters Of RTX-300


300 Meters Long X 6 Meters Wide X 0.15 Meters (15 Centimeters) Deep.

(L) 300 Meters X (W) 6 Meters X (D) 0.15 Meters = 270 Cubic Meters.

270 Cubic Meters X 0.35 = 94.5 Liters Of RTX-300 Required.

Dilution Rate

There are two recommended methods of determining the correct dilution rate:

A) If the exact amount of water needed to achieve OMC (Optimum Moisture Content) is known simply add the
....correct amount of RTX-300 to treat the area into the water.

B) The following method can usually be used as a reliable “Rule of Thumb”:

  1. DRY soil conditions: 100-110 parts water to 1 part RTX-300
  2. NORMAL soil conditions: 80 parts water to 1 part RTX-300
  3. WET soil conditions: 40-60 parts water to 1 part RTX-300